#5: (Part 1/2) Before School Closes, 3 Simple Ways to Achieve Extraordinary Results with Your Child’s IEP Team

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By: Meena Tadimeti
Contributor: specialneedsinmycity.org

Part One of Two Series:

[dropcap]H[/dropcap]ere are three simple things that every parent who has a child in special education should not lose the opportunity to do before school closes shortly. By taking the time now to ask each of your child’s IEP members, you too will find it immensely helpful to plan and strategize ways in which your child can have unique opportunities to excel in both functional and academic skills, come Fall when school reopens.

  1. Talk With Each IEP Team Member.
  2. Get Feedback From Each Member On: One Thing That Worked As a Result of their Effort, One Area They Didn’t See Significant Improvement In As He/She Initially Hoped For. And Ask What Specific Things Can Be Done To Improve in these Areas.
  3. Get Their Feedback Of What Must Be Worked On In Terms Of Your Child’s Development (Life Skills) For Next School Year. (If it’s problem-solving: Ask, what deliberate and precise opportunities can be created for your child, in next grade?)
Before School Close... 3 Simple Ways To Achieve Extraordinary Results with your IEP Team!
Part 1 of 2

Listen to the podcast to know how to have the right conversation to get folks on the IEP team to go into a review mode. With this approach, you will  hear your team cross-collaborate when you ask them for their feedback as a group.

In this episode, I give you three simple questions to ask your IEP team members and the results you’ll achieve with each question.  I gathered valuable feedback and creative solutions to use for next year’s IEP goals.  You, too, can gain extraordinary results from doing this; I want to share with you how I did it. Hope this helps you and child too!

In the next episode (podcast #6),  I’ll share with you the specifics of the feedback and creative solutions that were proposed by our IEP team for you to get some ideas from it.

Remember,  it’s never too late to get feedback,  don’t be afraid to ask and plan ahead nowEnjoy your summer and your time with your child! Don’t forget to say thanks to your IEP team! 

After you talk with your IEP members, please share how this has helped you and what ideas came out of it by sharing your comments below.

Transcript: #5 Before School Closes, 3 Simple Ways to Achieve Extraordinary Results with Your IEP Team (Part 1 of 2)

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